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A Sustainable Mind
On A Sustainable Mind we interview the minds behind today's most impactful environmental campaigns, organizations and startups. Each featured guest has committed a large portion of their time, effort, money, and other resources, if not their entire lives, to making the planet a better place for all of us. ASM is intended to give these amazing people a platform to share their stories and help inspire the public to take action on behalf of the planet. Featured guests, including scientists, entrepreneurs, inventors, policymakers and activists, share the impact nature had on their lives growing up, how they came to work in sustainability, what they have gained from such experiences, what habits and resources they use to keep themselves connected to thoughtful living and conscious consumerism, and what actionable advice they have for other earth-conscious people. Past Guests Include: • Tom Szaky, Founder and CEO of TerraCycle • Cindy Blain, Executive Director of California ReLeaf • Topher White, Founder of Rainforest Connection • Ma’ikwe Ludwig, former Executive Director of Dancing Rabbit EcoVillage • Jordan Figueiredo, Founder of the Ugly Fruit & Veg Campaign • Maya von Rossum, author and lawyer behind the 2013 decision to strengthen Pennsylvania's Environmental Rights Amendment • Rick Nahmias, Founder and Executive Director of Food Forward • Bea Johnson, Author and Founder of Zero Waste Home • and many, many more The ASM Audience: • 80% are between 18 and 35 • 77% are Female • 80% make a daily conscious effort to be environmentally friendly Their #1 Topic of Interest: how to reduce packaging waste Their Biggest Challenge: finding alternatives to plastic products and products with unnecessary packaging Sponsorship Opportunities: Podcast sponsorship - 2 reads per episode (post and mid-roll) Product or service review Back catalog ads Website ads within text, on sidebar and homepage Sponsored social media ads Brand ambassadorship (your product featured in beauty & lifestyle shots for social media) About the Host: Marjorie Alexander has a background in film & TV production (10+ years) as well as environmental conservation and non-profit management (4 years). Not only does she have a passion for environmental sustainability but she has the skillset and knowledge to bring the content and her sponsor's brand to the listener in a professional manner.
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