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How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up?
How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up? is a weekly drunk movie review podcast hosted by Joseph Lomas and Mike King. As the description suggests, every week we get drunk on a different beer/liquor and review a new movie. The result is part comedy, due to our inebriation, and part serious review, as we both share a deep interest in the film industry. We often feature guests on the podcast, including filmmakers, musicians, artists, authors, and other film reviewers. We were recently chosen to be a part of the 5th Annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival, where we will be recording live this July. We have released a new episode every Thursday on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, TuneIn, YouTube, and more since November of 2015. We average 100 listens per episode within the first week of release, and about 200 listens by the second or third week. We have seen consistent growth in nearly all metrics since we began, with no sign of slowing. We have grown our social media following to a total of over 7400 followers across all platforms, including over 3,000 followers on Twitter. Our listeners tune in every week to hear our humorously drunk but always thoughtful analysis of current cinema. Should you choose to advertise with us, we will use the trust we have garnered over the course of 80+ episodes to sincerely recommend your company and/or product via the podcast and our social media accounts.
UnCommonCore Podcast
The UnCommonCore Podcast is recorded live from “the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world” (Wikipedia) Queens, New York. We talk to the people, profile the businesses, and cover the events that makes New York City a global center of art, culture and commerce worldwide. Topics include students, artists, musicians, nature, food, the environment and just your average person on the subway. Recently, we've been covering trade shows such as the Capsule Fashion Design show during New York Fashion Week, the Architectural Digest’s Design show, the New York Auto show, the Street Art Expo, the Union Square Farmer's Market a.k.a. Greenmarket, Reef-A-Palooza, and the New York Audio Show. We believe in what our synth man James Reno expressed best in a pre-interview "just because I'm into synthesizers doesn't mean I'm not interested in other things. I'm into a lot of other things." Our episodes are bound together by interesting people and interesting things. Good taste and active minds seek diversity, authenticity and stimulation. Our audience is far reaching and fast growing. It spreads across the country from Bakersfield to Boston, and across the world from Korea to Pakistan. If you have a business with a website or an email, and can take orders from across the country or across the world, we would be happy to bring you our audience. We've found that people who listen to podcast are very loyal, and prefer to give business to advertisers on their favorite shows. While some programs target people of common interests, and common ground on which to tread. We seek the uncommon, the different and the new. Our audience is ever expanding because we are ever expanding, and ever exchanging; just like New York City. So, if you want to open your business to NEW customers then our audience is waiting.
Josh & Maria Cribbs Podcast
3X NFL Pro Bowler Josh Cribbs & his wife, fitness, beauty, & food enthusiast, Maria Cribbs, team up for a hilarious, relevant, and authentic podcast show that truly shows why opposites attract. This newly created show discusses a wide variety of topics, from sports, fitness, and entertainment, to politics, education, and business. The two host have a unique audience based on their background and professions. 10 year NFL veteran Josh Cribbs brings a host of sports fans and a social media following of over 215k fans from Twitter, and Instagram alone. He is a regular on Cleveland's WKYC's Channel 3 News and iHeart Radio's WTAM 1100 as a sports analyst, and a frequent visitor on ESPN's Outside the Lines. Maria on the other hand specializes in looking good, with beauty advice and beauty post. She focuses on eating good by posting healthy and organic food choices, and feeling good, by posting workout videos and fitness tips. Together, they form an awesome team built on a faith, solid family values, & positive influences. They are a power couple in the Mid-West region, that are noticeable public figures and strong pillars of the community in which they reside. They are a very active couple that lead by example on everything that they stand for. Whether it's their couples workout videos, or fun family outings, they command a huge movement of sports, fitness, entertainment, beauty, and healthy foods. Any business that fits this criteria, would benefit greatly as our last name is already a brand in its own right. This podcast show will highlight this couples unique point of views through Maria's fiery personality, and Josh's calm sports demeanor, proving why opposites truly attract.
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