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Vanderpump Rules Party
Hollie and Sarah give a thorough recap of VanderPump Rules episodes weekly and offer different opinions and theories. We regularly do deep dives into the cast, social media and related events to keep their audience current on all the latest happenings, scandals, and gossip regarding everything VanderPump Rules! We attend events where the cast will be and have interacted with the cast, scored exclusive cast interviews and have even been filmed a few times at SUR Restaurant during the show's filming season. We love to do fun giveaways for our listeners, often times giving away products the cast is promoting or other VanderPump Rules related items. We engage with our listeners every day on social media and allow listeners to call in to the podcast or post questions to be read on the podcast. This create a fun atmosphere for both the hosts and listeners and keeps the content fresh and relevant to what is on the listeners' minds. Because our listeners feel "heard" and appreciated, we've created a loyal listener base that tune in every week, even during the off season! We keep delivering fresh material year-round when other podcasts go on "hiatus" when the season ends. This gives us a unique marketplace for your products to reach our listeners. Our audience is primarily women age 20-60, though we do have some male listeners. Our audience buys a lot of health and fitness products, makeup and beauty products, meal deliveries, clothing & accessories.
Spirituality Talk with Oliver
Imagine if two wise monks met up a mountain, had a chat and shared each others wisdom. I have open conversations with wise and spiritually awakening beings across the globe with no direction of where the talk will go. My mission is to normalise the un normal. By speaking about things most people think about but most never talk about. We have what seems to sound like a normal conversation but when you analyse what we're saying you realise it's far from what most people talk about. But for some reason, it resonates with you. I was diagnosed with Tourette's when I was 12 and was on medication until I was 20. I had a spiritual awakening at that age and knew that I had to come off my tablets over night. It was then I learnt the law of attraction, the secret and all topics to do with the power of the mind. I began meditating for 3 weeks straight. I did nothing else but stop all thoughts entering my mind. It was then I realised that my Tourette's had disappeared. Just like that. I had no twitches. I was not swearing. I realised that it was too many thoughts in my head and intense brain activity that was causing these symptoms. When I controlled my thoughts through meditation, my Tourette's was gone. I learnt so much wisdom on this journey. I worked out so much information growing up in my head that I needed a platform to get it out there in the world. I decided to find other people around the world who have gone through a similar experience in terms of waking up. Seeing life from a third dimension and not being part of a lost society just following everyone and everything. If your brand is related to the any of the following: law of attraction, spirituality, power of the mind, energy, vibration, health, diet, gut, body, sleep, ghosts, planets, after life, herbal tea, psychic services, tarot card services, sleep, sun, skin, friendship, love, forgiveness, healing, therapy, marriage concealing - I will be able to speak about your service and what you do as part of my free flowing conversation. If you for example sell herbs online, I will speak about how I have a vegetable patch in my garden and how herbs are so powerful for you and that they should go to your website to purchase freshly picked herbs on demand! My listener base are people all around the world, mainly in California, who are going through an awakening or who are enlightened. They are on this journey of self improvement. They want to better their life. Let me help promote you and your brand. No one will sell something so enthusiastically, then me! Look forward to speaking with you!
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