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Modern Wisdom
Modern Wisdom is one of the best reviewed, most consistent independent podcasts in the UK. I've released episodes with some of the most interesting humans on the planet for 2 years and the plays are now catching up to the quality of the content. Past guests include Onnit CEO Aubrey Marcus, Habit Expert James Clear and New York Times Best Selling Authors Robert Greene, David Epstein, Sean Carroll, James Altucher, Dr David Sinclair, Tucker Max & Douglas Murray amongst many others. Modern Wisdom was featured on The Jordan B Peterson Podcast as a favourite listen and also made it to the final 4 of @PodcastNotes Best Of 2019 episodes, beating out Rich Roll, Farnam Street & A16Z. The audience is 60/40 UK/US (Libsyn Show Stats). The audience are incredibly bought into the show after listening to over 130 episodes with me so they have a genuine connection to the brands I work with and the collaborations we do, which leads to great conversions. Episode completion averages over 70% (Apple PodcastConnect Stats). 2 Episodes are published every week on a Monday & Thursday. Every month is a record month for plays and we 10x'd plays from 2018-2019. YouTube plays are over 80,000 per month so product sampling and in-episode discussions can further drive exposure across even more platforms. I absolutely love this show, it's my biggest passion in life at the moment and it's just a matter of time before we are one of the biggest in the UK. Listen to an episode and I'm confident you'll agree. Looking forward to working with you, Chris
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